Why I Love My Mop With The Spray Function

I wanted to get a new mop. It was exhausting mopping with a mop and bucket. I saw a commercial for a mop with a spray function built in and thought it looked so much easier to use.


I started shopping around for one to buy and I ended up buying one that was a little more pricey. I liked this particular mop because not only did it have a built in spray function, it also had washable mop covers and I wouldn’t need to waste anything. I looked at the Swiffer mops, but I didn’t like that there was alot of waste with them and you had to use their cleaning stuff in them. It seemed like it would be expensive to continue to use. That’s why I paid a little more and got one that is more eco-friendly mops and doesn’t have alot of waste.

I love how this spray mop cleans my floors and it was a great purchase to make. It is so much easier to get them clean and now I don’t have to drag out my mop and bucket. One of the best things of spray mop is that I can use my own cleaning mix in it. I can make it however I want and use whatever scent I want to use. I love the convenience of being able to choose what kind of cleaning stuff you want to put into it.

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It was a great investment and I am glad I saw the commercial for it. I can get my floors cleaned in what seems like half the time it took with a mop and bucket. It also seems to get them more clean and there isn’t much dirt left behind after cleaning the floors.