What Are The Features Of Best Portable Basketball Hoop Under 500

Do you want to dunk the ring like the MVP Kevin Durant? But you just meet your basketball hoop once a week when you are at home or you still need to drive miles away to dunk on it. Now, you cannot just play basketball anywhere you want via mobile games only. Check out the well- celebrated Portable Basketball Hoop that you give you the chance to play anywhere, whenever you want. However, there are numerous models that you can see in the market, so what features you would look on to pick the Best one? The following are the important characteristics that you must look for.

Quality Backboard

Certainly, you don’t want to waste your money and time spent on a hoop that won’t even last for a long time and something that would injure you. Thus, you must look for a high-quality one. There are basically three main types of backboard.

Polycarbonate – it is common and cheaper, however, if it is exposed to UV light it becomes yellow, cloudy and brittle. If you are looking for a hoop that is for recreational purposes only, it would fit your criteria.

Acrylic- it is better than polycarbonate for it is not affected by UV Rays. It is the choice of the majority of the purchasers. It got the trust of the buyers for its value for it allows perfect bounce as well.

Tempered Glass-The polycarbonate and Acrylic are both plastics so this is really a caliber one, consequently, it is what the Gyms are investing for. This is the type that NBA and NCAA being utilized.

Note: A backboard pad on the bottom sides is great for added safety and impact control when a strong pressure is thrown or given.

Quality Rim

Put money into a rim which is a heavy-duty that doesn’t being shattered easily. As you buy, pay attention to its coating, get something that does not chip or peeling. You can select something that is covered with steel. You can look into powder-coated steel for it is rust resistant and durable.

portable basketball hoop

Adjustable height

Time flies and so your height and your kids’ height. To enjoy the ring no matter your height is, you can buy one that is easily adjustable and easily maneuvered. It is good for practicing, you could try shooting to a moderate height until you would be able to comfortably play the standard height. This would also ensure the longevity of the product especially if you have growing kids. You can check on products that have quick adjust mechanisms to save time and effort to get the height you desired.

Sturdy Support pole

Pick a product that won’t let you down. Since it is a portable one, you need a hoop that is secure and would remain in the area where you positioned it. It would be annoying if it falls or moves as you shoot on it, it would definitely kill the fun and wreck the momentum.

Additionally, it also ensures safety for injury is indeed the ultimate killer of fun. Of course, you won’t spend on something that would give you unreasonable pain. With regards to the pole, examine if it is fade, rust, and weather-resistant.

Easily Assembled Portable Basketball Hoop

Quality and the safe hoop is important, but it doesn’t mean that it would require you consuming time to assemble it before enjoying it. Accordingly, single out a product that is easily assembled for a short period of time that does not sacrifice safety.


There are drawbacks that you will discover on the products when you are already using them Do not be a victim of false and promising ads, look for equipment that ensures warranty. It would safeguard you from unexpected mechanical repair costs. There are those providing a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty or more.


You could also consider the color for visuals affects mood and performance. What our eyes see affects how we perform and our emotional state. You can choose from blue, red, gray and/ or faded green. According to the study of the University of British Columbia in 2009, red is most effective at enhancing our attention to detail, while blue is best at boosting our ability to think creatively.

Basketball undoubtedly created a strong reputation, it’s enjoyable and fun, you can surely make significant friends and of course a source of living out of it. You work and enjoy simultaneously. Hence it is not a regret to invest in it. To get more details about specific products and their edges, you may check the reviews of www.bbhoopspro.com.