Reasons XPOWER Can Be The Best Overclocking Motherboard

Earlier this year, Intel launched their best gaming motherboards for Z97 platform, which brought a variety of new motherboards. With such a large list of products, it gets quite frustrating to find the best gaming motherboard that suits your need. However, board manufacturing companies have come up with a strategy to make everything easier for consumers when it comes to finding the best board. That is, they have separated their products into three categories: overclocking, gaming and mainstream.

While separating these products helps, there is still a challenge that most motherboards offer similar specifications, priced equally, and has same naming scheme. Let us have a look at MSI Z97 Gaming 3 and Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 3 as our example. Besides these two motherboards being gaming branded and with “Gaming 3” in their title, they go for the same price, which is above $100US. It would, therefore, be very confusing to the buyer as to which product between the two should be bought.

While you can find reviews that try comparing features, components as well as other details of products, it is hard to find—for instance— a good article that compares MSI Z97 Gaming 3 against Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 3. And for you to be able to make an informed decision regarding what you should buy, you will need to go through details of boards against their similar priced counterparts from other manufacturers.

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3 LGA 1150 Z97 Gaming Audio and Networking ATX Motherboard

XPOWER: The Best Motherboard

XPOWER is a great top gaming overclocking motherboard that looks like an OC Tier board. This board is almost similar to EVGA Z97 Classified board in terms of size and brutishness. It is a high-end scheme design, which makes it be quite costly. It retails at about $400 US, and this makes buyers question the reasons for buying such an expensive board while there are other types that still provide overclock similar to XPOWER. Well, here are reasons behind it:

• It comes with the latest Delid Die Guard for protecting the CPU from failing completely. It also protects the PCB after the heatspreader has been removed from the processor.

• It has a built-in water cooling support to cool the VRMs and MOSEFETs located below the large XPOWER AC heatsink.

• It has 16 Phase DIGITALL Power that offers stability as well as unprecedented overclocking performance.

• It has four DDR3 DIMMs that can support memory with frequencies of 3300 MHz (O.C) and maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Those are some of the feature that makes XPOWER, such a great motherboard. You can learn more of its features on online reviews and site page below: