A Few Popular Treadmills For Use In The Gym

Many fitness clubs and gyms use the Life Fitness Treadmills as they are very sophisticated and easy to operate. They have three options on their console which entertain the user while they are exercising on the treadmill. The console also shows detailed data about the results of the exercise, which is what users use to mark their progress.


The Life Fitness treadmill is sleek in design and it has wireless capabilities so that there is no need to find an electrical outlet in order to use the machine.

Nordic Trac is another well established treadmill, as it has passed the test time after time, over the years as being a dependable and durable machine. You can duplicate real-life runs on the machine with Google Maps, and you can track your progress in distance, cardio and heart rate very easily. Visual screen shots gives you a “real” look as the path moves along with you visually.

The Treadclimber from Bowflex is considered to be the max in terms of what you can do with it. Used as a weight loss mechanism, as well as cardio tune ups, the Treadclimber allows for a treadmill action, but also a climbing action for even more of a workoout.

The Horizon T101-04 treadmill is simple in its design and presentation, but it is far from simple in what it offers the user. It allows a 10% incline for the max on burning calories, and its 2.25 horsepower motor allows for a robust running rate that will challenge anyone, no matter how much they are fit. With its wide framed running area gives the user the confidence and room to really bear down and get serious about their workout. Click to see more portable design treadmills at: http://enjoytreadmill.com/best-size-designed-portable-treadmill-machines/

These are only a few of many, but in today’s gyms and fitness centers, the best brand treadmill is a mainstay for sure. Keep reading for more: