How to Treat Long Hair Cats And How to Pick a Suitable Cat Litter for Them

Long-haired cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. That is why they are beautiful to look at, and many people love stroking them. However, long-haired cats require a lot of care. Grooming your cat properly ensures your home is clean all the time, and proper grooming is important for your cat’s health and well-being.

Here is how to treat your long hair cat.

how to take care of long haired cats

Balance Diet

A balanced diet is important because food consisting of one type of food, e.g. dry food, can negatively affect your cat’s fur appearance.

Changing the food, you give your long-haired cat, regularly can help improve the health of your cat, which helps maintain the appearance of the fur.

Take Your Cat to a Vet

Mites and fleas can infest your cat and you might not realize it, especially if you do not spend the whole day at home. Cats infested with fleas or mites tend to scratch a lot and they might pull out whole clumps of fur. A vet can diagnose the infestation and apply the appropriate remedy.

Cat Foods

Treat your cat to the best foods. Long hair cats, which eat good foods, tend to grow beautiful thick fur. Cats are carnivorous, so choose cat foods that have a high proportion of digestible meat. Meat is important because the digestive system of cats is geared to proteins.

Regular Fur Care

Some people do not brush the fur of their long-haired cats frequently. Regular fur care makes it easier to brush the fur. If you do not brush the fur regularly, you might take a long time the next time you do it. And you may cause permanent damage to your cat’s skin while brushing it. Regular fur care can also help avoid itchy eczema.

How to Choose a Suitable Litter for Your Long Haired Cat

picking best long haired cats litter

Choose the Right Materials

Cat litters are made of different materials, but the best cat litters are made of clay. Why? It is popular, so it is easy to find. And it is easy to clean out urine because it absorbs water quickly. However, clay-based litters are dusty, so if your car is prone to coughing or sneezing, look for natural options, such as plant-based or recycled litters.

Select a Lightweight Litter

A lightweight litter is good because it produces less dust, and it is easy to carry around the house. You may not want a heavy cat litter because you will have a problem carrying it. Also, it is much easier to thoroughly clean a lightweight litter. The best cat litters are the ones made of natural lightweight materials.

Choose an Odor-Absorbing Litter

A good litter absorbs odors, preventing the litter’s smell from seeping into your home. Odor-absorbing litter keeps odors away from your home. Also, never choose a scented litter because the smell of the scented litter can irritate your cat. The cat may even avoid the litter because of the scent.

You now know how to treat long hair cats and how to choose a suitable litter for them.