How to Choose A Lift Top Coffee Table That’s Friendly for Kids or Pets

Lift top coffee tables are something like a must-have furniture in any home, especially in any coffee lover’s home. Just like anything else popular, there are many of these items for sale on the Internet as well as offline. The problem, really, is in choosing which one to buy.

If you have kids or pets, knowing which one to choose become slightly more complicated considering the fact that kids and pets can and do get hurt by furniture. So, how do you choose a lift top coffee table that’s friendly for pets and kids? Well, you can always choose to have a table with rubberized edges. While we’re not sure if there really are coffee tables that have rubberized edges, it won’t hurt if you look at the local stores to see if there are. Also, don’t forget to look at Amazon or eBay for some kid-friendly and pet-friendly furniture pieces.

Lift Top Coffee Table That's Friendly for Kids or Pets
If you can’t find any, well there are rubber edges for furniture that are sold separately. You can always buy them and attach them to your coffee. I’m pretty sure you will be happy with this decision because kids don’t stay kids forever. They will leave your nest. You don’t want to be left with kiddie furniture when your kids have grown.  There is a great Lift Top Storage Cocktail Ottoman may be right for you:

That said, buy a regular lift top coffee able instead. Buy something where the top lifts and bends forward so you can drink your coffee at your perfect comfort level. But drinking coffee isn’t the only use for your lift top coffee table. You can use it to work on your laptop. Most pieces are fitted with compartments and storage spaces, and you can use them to store anything, from your books to your notebook. Check here for more about lift top coffee tables